How do I play?

The controls are no different from most games, but there are some things not listed in most places.

Your movement is pretty standard. W to walk forward, A to walk left, D to walk right, S to walk back. Spacebar is to Jump. Catching pokemon can be tricky. To initiate capture of the pokemon, you can hit the backspace button. This will move the camera angle off to the right and you'll see double circles. From there you'll click and toss a pokeball at a pokemon. For battles, you'll use the numerical buttons at the top of your keyboard. 1, 2, 3, 4, are your different abilities per pokemon abilities. These are skill shots, so you'll need to point with your mouse and click, or point with your mouse and tap the connected ability.


You can download the latest release in a few different places, more than likely, the updated one will be on indiedb.

If you need any help or assistance downloading please dont hesitate to join the discord. You can do so by clicking that link, or the discord image at the bottom of this page. Included below is a walkthrough on how to get the game started. Thank you for coming by!