I know it's been a while since the last update, and it's been a long and tumltulous journey since, but we are back and moving forward with a new structure.

To everyone who has stayed here, and has waited for this to continue we thank you. Thank you for being apart of our long journey. Yokill has been absent from the discord for quite some time but was always available for private messages. Now that he is better, he's looking forward to a completion of this project, though that is still long off. For now it looks like theres a revamp going on. Both animators, and modelers are being brought onto the project to take on tasts. Yokill himself will also be providing packages to the community so that they may be able to contribute to the project

Whats to come?

Lots of plans, new pokemon, new abilities, new sites. Things will work slowly until there is some build up both here and in funding, but that takes time.

We'll be looking to continue from where the game left off. Right now the focus is entirely on structure and building a solid foundation. There are people who are currently being put to task on models and possible annimation. There will also be a story put into place. The future of the project looks bright as long as we can get the people to work on it in unision. If you have any further questions you can ask someone in the discord or ask a moderator there. They will usually be able to point you in the right direction. Thank you for your time, and checking out the website.